Google, MWC에서 휴대전화, 자동차 및 웨어러블을 위한 흥미로운 새로운 기능 발표

구글, 스마트폰, 차량 및 웨어러블 기기용 새 기능을 바르셀로나에서 열린 모바일 월드 콩그레스에서 발표


Google reveals new tools to make using devices easier and more efficient at Mobile World Congress | ENBLE

MWC 2024

Barcelona, Spain – Google has once again wowed audiences at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) with its latest set of cutting-edge features for phones, cars, and wearables. In this article, we will dive into the exciting developments and explore the impact they may have on our digital lives.

Google Messages Embraces Gemini

Gemini Image Generation

Despite facing criticism, Google is pushing forward with its implementation of Gemini, a generative AI platform, in a different context. In a beta version, Google Messages now allows users to access Gemini to enhance their messaging experience. With this new feature, the app generates visually captivating and contextually relevant images using AI, creating a more engaging and personalized messaging environment. It’s like having a talented artist on hand to illustrate your conversations!

Q: Can I use Gemini in languages other than English?

At the moment, the feature is only available in English. However, given Google’s dedication to expanding language support in its products, we can expect more languages to be included in future updates. Stay tuned!

Android Auto: Summarizing Texts and Group Chats

Android Auto

Long text messages and group chats can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on the go. Google understood this pain point and introduced a feature for Android Auto that reads out summaries of lengthy messages and provides context for group chats. It’s like having your own personal assistant who boils down information and presents it to you in a concise and comprehensible manner. And if that’s not impressive enough, the feature even suggests quick replies, saving you time and effort.

Boosting Accessibility with Lookout and Lens

Google is committed to making technology more accessible for everyone, including those with visual impairments. The Lookout app, designed to assist people with tasks like reading food labels and documents, now generates AI-powered captions for images that lack accurate captions or alt text. This remarkable addition ensures that visually impaired individuals can fully comprehend the content of images, thereby enhancing their overall digital experience. Kudos to Google for making technology more inclusive!

Moreover, Google is rolling out improved screen reader support for Lens in Maps. By pointing their phone’s camera, users can have TalkBack, a screen reader, provide them with information about places and signs. It’s like having a virtual tour guide always by your side, describing the world around you in exquisite detail.

Q: Can Lookout generate AI-powered captions for images in languages other than English?

Currently, Lookout supports English, but as Google continues to advance AI and expand language capabilities in its products, we can expect support for more languages in the future.

Handwritten Notes Come to Life in Docs

Handwritten Notes

Good news for those who prefer the organic feel of writing with pen and paper! Google is extending support for handwritten notes to Docs on Android phones and tablets. Using just your finger or a stylus, you can now annotate documents, highlighting essential points with different pen styles and colors. It’s like bringing the traditional act of note-taking into the digital realm, enabling seamless integration of analog and digital workflows.

Spotify Integration and Fitbit Updates

Spotify Integration


Google aims to enhance productivity and convenience by expanding its Android home screen’s output switcher to include support for Spotify. Now, you can effortlessly resume listening to your favorite songs or podcasts on Spotify, seamlessly switching from one source to another. No more disruption to your music flow!

Additionally, Google is updating the Fitbit app, allowing users to gather health and fitness data from various sources, including AllTrails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal. The redesigned app, featuring a user-friendly three-tabbed layout, grants you a comprehensive overview of your exercise, steps, calories burned, and floors climbed. With this integration, you have all your health and fitness data in one convenient location.

Wear OS Enhancements for Easier Navigation

Google is continuing to improve its Wear OS platform with some exciting updates. Firstly, users can now access Google Wallet passes, such as boarding passes, event tickets, gym memberships, and loyalty cards, directly from their smartwatches. This means no more fumbling through your bags or pockets to find your tickets – everything is right there on your wrist, giving you quick and convenient access.

Furthermore, Wear OS users can now receive transit directions through voice command. Simply ask for directions, and your smartwatch will guide you, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Additionally, there is an option to mirror directions from your phone or even receive compass-guided navigation directions, making navigation a breeze.

The Future of Google’s Innovations

With each new release, Google pushes the boundaries of what technology can do for us. From AI-generated images and captions to improved accessibility features and productivity enhancements, these latest updates demonstrate Google’s dedication to making our digital lives more engaging, inclusive, and seamless.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements in AI, accessibility, and integration across devices. Google’s commitment to innovation ensures that our digital experiences will only become more immersive and personalized in the future.

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